The way we work has changed.  Permanently.   

In a world of masks and lockdowns, businesses have been forced to adapt to the new global circumstances.  Some of those adaptions are transient, likely to disappear with the rollout of a vaccine.  Others – like working from home – are more permanent.

The old objections to remote work (distraction, mistrust, time management) have been overridden by necessity, and now businesses are starting to realise that a workplace of video conferences and empty offices might actually benefit them.

According to Review42, 55% of businesses globally offered some capacity for remote work prior to COVID-19; now, 88% of business organisations worldwide have either mandated or encouraged their employees to work from home.  These numbers aren’t going to backflip, either.  Remote work in the United States alone has risen by 173% between 2005 and 2018, making it likely the events of 2020 have just accelerated trends towards an increasingly digital world.

For property investors, this is an unprecedented opportunity.

Think about it for a moment.

Prior to 2020, only 55% of the world’s workforce knew about the benefits of remote work: more exercise (leading to better health), work environment control (leading to greater productivity), more time with family and loved ones (leading to greater life satisfaction), a more flexible schedule (leading to great productivity and happiness).

Now, 88% of employees understand how great a remote workplace can be, and they’re looking to take it even further: once travel resumes, digital nomadism will be on the rise.

Working and travelling is the ultimate dream for most people, and the lifestyle of a digital nomad makes it possible.  No 9-5, no daily commute, no restrictive commitments … just a coffee, a laptop, and a view of somewhere exotic and beautiful.

The biggest challenge?  Finding somewhere to stay.  Hotels are too crowded and too expensive, home villas are few and far between, and Airbnbs are unsustainable for long-term residences.  When travel resumes, the world’s new influx of digital nomads are going to have trouble finding accommodation.

And that’s your opportunity.

Selo Group’s sustainable developments are designed for beautiful locations like Lombok or anywhere in Indonesia, delivering a balanced lifestyle of work, home and leisure.  Pick a location, work with us to develop a design, and our fully integrated approach handles the rest.

Even when you’re somewhere else in the world, your new property will continue to benefit you – rent it out as a high-yield holiday home to those newly minted remote workers, and watch the returns flood in.

2020 has given property investors an opportunity.  It’s up to you to seize it.



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Are you interested in an investment opportunity that offers high yield and a new home away from home for your staycation in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations – without the crowds?

Join us for one of our upcoming Webinars where we’ll be sharing how foreign ownership is now much simpler than you think; discussion on the market in general; why now is a good time to invest in Lombok and what opportunities Selo offer.

Click the link here to register or drop us a comment if you have any questions for our team. We hope you can join us.


Make your dream a reality in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Lot 4 Surf Bungalow and Land Package overlooks rice paddies and farmland out to the Indian Ocean.

Located within Seascape Land Estate, South Lombok, this lot offers prime location sitting on a sprawling 606m2 and located just five minutes drive from Selong Belanak Beach and two minutes drive from Selong Selo Resort facilities.

Click here to view our information flyer or email us to find out more.


We’re ready for your next visit to Selong Selo Resort & Residences. While the Resort remains closed at this time, we have been busy behind the scenes preparing for your next visit. One of the initiatives we have introduced as part of our digitization strategy is our online guest services website.

Your one-stop-shop for pre-booking all kinds of activities and groceries for a hassle-free stay with us. Organize your pantry and fully stock your fridge with an extensive variety of organic and sustainably sourced, local produce before you arrive!

Check out our new shop site and take a look around here.



This Investment Banker’s reasons for investing in Lombok
Just like surfing, investing in property takes guts, risk, and trust in the opportunity the next wave brings. Here’s how a surfer from Colorado trusted his gut and fell in love with South Lombok.

Selo Group Launches Prefabricated Villas

LOMBOK (Oct 13): Selo Group has launched prefabricated designer villas to offer sustainable and cost-effective real estate in Indonesia.

Selo Group CEO Andrew Corkery said in a press release that managing the process of building a property can be daunting with the number of factors to consider, from hiring builders and contractors to dealing with delays, and this product provides a seamless path to own a luxury villa in Indonesia.

Read the full article here


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