Selo Group employs a team of highly skilled architectural, design and construction specialists ranging from qualified Architects to autoCAD designers, civil engineers and construction specialists to oversee any design creation requirements you have.



An international team of architects, planners and interior designers specialising in a wide range of commercial resort, residential and civil infrastructure projects.

Selo Group’s goal is to streamline the design & construction process, guiding you each step of the way and making the entire process as easy as possible for you. Our architectural team works hand-in-hand with you to help you conceptualise and design your dream villa using your own unique inspirations, ensuring that your villa design makes the most of the individual features and view aspects of each lot.  We provide expert architectural design and consultancy services that range from early concept drawings through to detailed design and construction plans.


Selo Group is a multi-award winning company with a reputation for delivering high quality projects on time and on budget.

On Site Support

Selo Group’s architectural design team can work either exclusively or hand in hand with the international architectural partner of your choice – creating a more seamless process for you the client, by having a team on-the-ground througout your design and build process who have a thorough and intimate understanding of your lot.  Having on-site architects representing your build can also eliminate many potential construction issues before they happen, as your project manager will be able to work closely together with the design team throughout the build to iron out any problems and make any necessary changes to plans or design drawings without causing added delay to your project.

Quality Control

We pride ourselves on our stringent quality control checks and measures throughout the course of your build and prior to handover.  Our team conducts thorough systematic checks and completion punch lists to ensure that all aspects of construction have been carried out to the highest international standard.