In this edition of the newsletter, we’re reflecting on an ideology that’s not just key to the ethos of Selo Group’s practices, but also what hopefully the future of travel will look like, and that’s ‘meaningful travel.’

While it could be a far-reaching term, ‘meaningful travel’ for the Selo Group means offering people the opportunity to engage in travel practices that not only minimise or even erase negative – ecological and environmental – impacts and leave a destination better than it was prior. Some of the ways Selo engages in meaningful travel and development is via:

As part of our ongoing campaign to encourage sustainability, Selo will be hosting a ‘Selo Speaker Series’ where those interested in learning more about eco-philosophies and the future of sustainable and regenerative travel can join. Keep posted for the speaker series launch date and updates on key industry thought leaders joining us.

One of our most ambitious and exciting upcoming projects – which fits very nicely within the realm of meaningful travel – is the development of Selong Ecological Park located in the stunning surrounds of South Lombok directly behind the Selong Selo Resort & Residences.

The project aims to be an ecotourism destination that integrates recreational and educational activities with forest conservation and agroforestry programs. The project is composed of three primary verticals; Environmental/Regenerative, Social/Community and Ecological Tourism, and their supporting programs will maintain the ecological function of forests whilst improving the community’s well-being by providing relevant training, development and infrastructure.

Are you interested in joining our community, volunteering or collaborating with us? Do reach out to discuss further.

Regenerative Design and its Place in Selo Group’s Newest Development

What is ‘regenerative tourism?’ Why has it become such a hot topic? How can you ensure that every trip you take is doing good rather than doing harm? What does Selo do to ensure that regenerative tourism is more than just a buzzword? Well, all these questions and more have been discussed in our recent blog post “Regenerative Design and its Place in Selo Group’s Newest Development”, which you can read here.

Is there a topic you’d like to see explored in our next newsletter or blog? Feel free to drop us a line and let us know.

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