We hope all of you have been able to stay safe and healthy through this year of extraordinary changes. For Selo Group and Selong Selo Resort & Residences, we hope the impact of COVID-19 will be the last of several setbacks we have had to endure over the past few years in Lombok. There is light at the end of the tunnel though!

Positively, we are still here pushing through these challenges with an expanding number of villas and facilities ready to be used once things clear. Underlying our belief are long term trends that position us well. Not only is sustainability and experiential travel being prioritised but high value, low impact tourism is a focus for Governments around the world. Furthermore, the Indonesian CentralGovernment remains committed to the Moto GP still being hosted in 2021 in Lombok.

Lombok remains perfectly positioned to boom once there are normal operating conditions. For decades, Lombok has been an alternative to the crowded beaches of Bali, famous for the Gili Islands, its unique Sasak culture, and, of course, the towering Mount Rinjani.  Remoteness and underdevelopment are part of its charm, but they’ve also been a major impediment to mainstream tourism appeal.

Now, though, Lombok is set to undergo a transformation, and it’s one that will send property prices rerate.  It remains central to Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s ‘10 New Balis’ plan, under which 10 popular Indonesian regions will be developed into Bali-esque tourist hubs.

His intentions?  To attract foreign investment and, eventually, a flood of tourism, designed to reinvigorate the Indonesian economy. It is then up to Developers such as ourselves to ensure it is executed with a sustainability focus and not only be waste-free and energy-efficient but is executed alongside projects to reforest areas, create regenerative farms and to ensure the local community benefits from this growth as well. This is a crucial element.

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2020 has given us an opportunity to continue with construction works for 22 Villas in total including a number of Luxury Surf Villas. With an additional 32 villas and a total of approximately 85 rooms already completed we are confident once we reopen the Resort will be mostly complete allowing for an incredible guest experience.

We have also commenced work on our customised Selo Precrafted workshop. Selo launched it’s Precrafted offering in May 2020 and now has a number of orders underway. The tailor-made workshop will allow for faster build times and lower costs than traditional construction.  Selo have packaged the best of the best including a team of experts with a proven track record of high-end resorts and villas, on time, on budget and to the highest international standards of quality and safety led by Head of Projects Australian Stuart Beck. “By de-coupling substructure and superstructure production with our precrafted method, it saves time and enables things to happen quicker for our clients,” says Mr Beck.

Watch this video to see more on our precrafted range.

Are you interested in an investment opportunity that offers high yield and a new home away from home for your staycation in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations – without the crowds?

Join us for one of our upcoming Webinars in January 2021 where we’ll be sharing how foreign ownership is now much simpler than you think; discussion on the market in general; why now is a good time to invest in Lombok and what opportunities Selo offer.

Some of these opportunities include:

  • Serangan – Land appreciation, banking on the significant infrastructure works and expansion of tourism within Lombok as evidenced by the planned airport expansion
  • Luxury Surf Villas – Investment return, aligning with reopening and benefiting from revenge spend as and when borders re-open this ties in well with estimated completion time circa Q4, 2021
  • Selong Selo Resort & Residences – Handful of plots remaining, to own a bespoke villa offering and timely completion for the re-opening in early 2022.
  • Prefabricated villas – Leverage Selo’s experience in development and purchase a cost-effective villa that can be sent to your landholding throughout Indonesia.

With only a handful of plots remaining, learn more about the product discounts and how your investment is well-positioned to capitalise.

It is in times of crisis that heroes are born. We have been humbled by the contributions that our team has all been making, the long hours and volunteering of salary reductions. Their efforts have made a huge difference to our company and to our communities as a whole. We are proud and inspired by the way they have risen to the challenges we’ve faced – with flexibility, resilience, courage – and caring. Thank you all for your enormous contributions.

Here are some of the initiatives we have been busy working on that we believe has really contributed to the resilience, our culture and our growth have positioned us well for 2021, include:

  1. Team Events – Programs are being run on-site such as exercise days that include running, Zumba, and healthy breakfast.
  2. Learning & Development – Programs continue being developed to support personal and professional development of our team members.
  3. Selo Knowledge Base – We continue to build our online portal that has “How To” articles and our training resources.
  4. IT Systems – Working with construction and finance teams to develop systems that make things more efficient and accurate for the business.
  5. Community – As an important part of our Selo values we continue to grow our online “shop” to showcase local Lombok products and assist local businesses with sales, and putting money back into the communities.

We would like to again take the opportunity to thank our team, both International and on the ground in Lombok, for all of their efforts in managing the challenges of 2020. Your commitment and dedication to us and your team is what makes all the difference.


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