We are dedicating this month’s edition to celebrating and advocating for ‘Zero Waste Policies’. We believe that now is a great opportunity for us not to lose sight of what’s essential.

As a company, there are four key areas that we continue to focus on, and we believe they make the company different. They are:

  • Our passion for building a community
  • Our diverse and expert team
  • Our sustainable practices
  • Our dedication to zero waste

It’s the latter of the list we wanted to highlight today. As a company, we actively promote the elimination of single-use plastics and additional landfill products in our construction. This is something we also try and encourage our clients and guests to embrace too. By creating an ‘off site’ villa construction model, we’re eliminating the potential for extra waste, and all of the waste we collect from our building sites and during beach cleans is recycled at our zero-waste management centre adjacent to the Resort. Going even further, our Serangan Indah project, located just 900 meters from the stunning blue water of Serangan Bay will be completely off the grid, with a centralized power source. You can read more about it here.

We hope that when everyone can travel freely again, we (and our community) keep this front of mind when deciding where, when, how, and why we travel.

We also recently published a blog on why eco-centric living and investing is deeply beneficial, both socially and financially. We hope you find it motivating and gives you a moment’s pause to how you can be involved in a change for good.

Why an Eco-centric Investment is a Stable One

Many people seem to believe that when it comes to investments, in order to do something good – this time for the environment – you have to make a sacrifice. But this ideology is false; the reality is that today, in a time when environmental awareness is as high as it’s ever been, more and more companies are shifting their perspectives from purely financial benefits to a combination of financial and environmental benefits, and they’re proving you can have it all.

From the obvious (environmental and ethical) to the more abstract (growth and financial sustainability), the terms ‘environmentally conscious’ and ‘financially beneficial’ are not mutually exclusive; they’re incredibly compatible. Combining these two guiding principles is keenly followed by the teams here at Selo, so we wanted to tell you a little more about it. Read more >

Is there a topic you’d like to see explored in our next newsletter or blog? Feel free to drop us a line and let us know.

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