PMA Setup Form

Most foreign-owned companies establish the Indonesian version of a Limited Liability Company (LLC), which is known as a PMA—Penanaman Modal Asing –in Indonesia, since it can take the form of a 100% foreign-owned limited liability company.  The advantages of this type of company are that it gives the foreign investor full control over the direction of the company and reduces the risk in finding a suitable local partner.  PMA for Villa as a Commercial & Recreational Facility code is KBLI 55194

The government recently released a new regulation, No. 24 of the Year 2018, which made the incorporation process in Indonesia more open.  Previously, you were required to obtain a prior approval from the BKPM in order to set up a PT PMA. The new regulation, however, eliminated this requirement and businesses can now start operating immediately.

Furthermore, the establishment process for most business lines will proceed through a centralized system of One Single Submission, instead of several institutions as it was done formerly.


To complete this form you will need:

  1. Passports of shareholders for (ID/COI) section.
  2. Certificate of Incorporation (COI) if you are using a corporate shareholder.
  3. Two shareholders
  4. One Director
  5. One Commisioner

Please read carefully the instruction below.