As 2021 the year for adaptation continues, we have seen exciting new developments in the tourism sector. A new buzzword has come out succeeding the sustainable travel movement called Regenerative tourism. While the prior sustainable tourism was all about minimising, the footprint attributed to mass tourism; the latter of Regenerative tourism is a socially conscious endeavour that aims to initiate longer-lasting change. Regenerative tourism aims to actively improve the social or environmental conditions of your travel country whether it be by choosing to stay at a resort that is transparent about their eco practices or by choosing to partake in activities such as supporting local communities.

Selo Group is pleased to see the rise in this new age of tourism as regenerative development and design has always been a cornerstone of all our projects. For over 12 years we have been committed to supporting the local community with our Selo Footprints program as well as protecting the environment with our Selo Group’s Zero-waste strategy.

In saying that, this past year we have continued to look at further ways to be more ‘Regenerative’ and after talking to those leading the way across the globe we are looking to initiate further enhancements to our processes. We’re currently in the predevelopment stage of our EcoPark project which aims to cultivate a Regenerative model through Regenerative agroforestry, local community action and ecological tourism. Separately, we have been proud through COVID to have been able to continue plans locally to ensure we have been able  provide our residents with greater enjoyment of living as well as providing our local Seland Belanak and Serangan Indah community with sustainable jobs that will stimulate the local economy in the advent of our reopening.

Read more here to learn about our commitment to sustainability.

Facility expansion is in the works with the high demand of Selong Selo Resort villas.

Looking to take advantage of the ‘COVID discounts’ or plan for future retirement? This may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, land plots within Serangan Indah starting from just $30,000.

With 35+ Villas complete within Selong Selo Resort and Stage 1, 2 & 3 predominantly sold in Serangan we are motivated to clear the remaining inventory and to focus on expanding the facilities in the area. Selo Group is planning to add to their existing facilities a Beach Club, 160ha Ecological Tourism Park and Headland Restaurant that owners will have full access to.

Serangan Indah Stage 3 – Lot 6.50

  • Hillside lot with sweeping ocean views
  • Sitting on a sprawling 871m2
  • Close to central facilities
  • Click here to watch video

Listing Price – $57,000 USD / Secure today with only $15,000 Deposit

  • Prices inclusive of all infrastructure & services
  • Significant capital appreciation opportunity

Reply to this newsletter to speak to one of our friendly team and find out about our staged payment plan.

With better weather conditions significant progress is being made on an additional 26 villas to add the existing 35 already completed within the Resort. As we accelerate this advancement we have added another new experienced project manager to the team. High quality execution is our point of difference and further hires will ensure we can continue to deliver this.

Selo Group is hosting an exclusive media webinar for international media discussing the pre-craft process of our coveted luxury villas. A Look Behind the scenes: The Precrafted process will be held on Tuesday the 16th and Wednesday the 17th of March 2021.

This is a closed group discussion on Selo Group’s seamless journey from construction to delivery. Selo Group ensures that we are always transparent with the media and continue to keep them fully informed of every step of our growth.


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