Selo Precrafted Case Study: Factory in a Box

The project for the client needed big volumes of Selo Precrafted frames for the build of 40+ villas and was looking for a quick and efficient construction process. The Selo Precrafted team took up the challenge and decided it was even more efficient to produce the frames on site. Truecore coils were able to be delivered to the construction site without any additional logistics challenges. The outcome; “SPC in a box”.

The customer is a developer based in Indonesia, building luxurious villas and simpler beach bungalows. Time is of the essence given the big portfolio of other developments by the client.

Problems were numerous in this example:

1. Time constraints between construction and handover period.
2. The amount of villas and bungalows to be fabricated and transported from Selo’s factory to site.

1. Short lead time between pricing and delivery.
2. Production and delivery on time.
3. Most cost effective solution for logistics.
4. Uninterrupted production and construction on site.

The SPC team started thinking on potential out of the box solutions with the above mentioned objectives in the back of their minds. The best solutions that fitted perfectly with the Client’s objectives and SPC’s production schedule was to mobilize the Framecad Profiling Machine to the construction site, with an even more effective solution, to mount the machine, tools and desks into a 40’ container, a “Factory in a Box”.

1. All functioning components are operated and housed within the container, enabling the mobile factory to be easily closed and secured when not in use.
2. Built-in, self-contained diesel generator for dedicated power supply for the entire factory.
3. Machines are fixed, for additional stability and easier shipment/movement of the Factory in a Box.
4. Complete with a 2 tonne gantry crane enables easy loading of steel coils.
5. Full Air-Conditioning and plastic curtains for doors.

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