Selo Precrafted Case Study

The client had a remote site that had logistical issues and wanted a solution to provide framing for hotel room construction quickly and cost effectively. The Selo Precrafted team took up the challenge and designed, manufactured and erected the desired models within time frame and budget. Compared to traditional builds our team was 20% cheaper and 30% quicker in providing this turn key solution.

The customer was an up-and-coming international boutique resort developer based in Indonesia focussing to luxurious villa concepts and development. Within the client’s mission and vision environmental friendly construction processes are a high priority. This combined with their clear strategy on maintenance friendly materials to be used.

1. Remote location that only had one marine logistics supplier to it that create a price monopoly

2. Non-availability of skilled workforce resulting potentially in the use of an unskilled workforce that would need to stay a long time on site using a traditional build

3. Large number of villas that needed to be constructed quickly and cost effectively

4. Due to the location the villas were all exposed to the elements as they exist in SE Asia (heavy rain, hard winds, earthquake prone area and close to the ocean)

1. Client understood the need to have durable high-quality product that would have extremely low construction and operating costs

2. Quick construction

3. One large shipment to site

4. Small skeleton team of workers needed

5. Within the time frame and budget

SPC came up with designs based on so called ‘Building Blocks’ that made the production processes for the different shapes and sizes of villas easier and more efficient. These standard Building Blocks allowed the SPC team to;

1. Precraft many parts of the villas in the factory, dry and sheltered of any weather influence

2. Use time more efficient as sub structural works could commence at the same time that villa production in the factory commenced

3. Increase quality of build and architectural works

4. Arrange logistics in a cost effective manner from one central point

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