We were able to catch a few minutes with Selo’s Chief Operating Officer, Robert Black, recently and asked him some questions we thought would be helpful for anyone wanting to understand the building process better and what should you look for in a developer/contractor when building. Rob has over 21 years of construction experience in Indonesia and across many industries and is based on site at Selo’s flagship resort, Selong Selo.   

1. When looking for a builder in Indonesia, Lombok in particular, what are the key things you would suggest looking out for? 

You should choose a builder who uses specialist tradesmen and understands their local market. As quality construction in Lombok is very new, so the local tradesmen have not yet learned the skills required and that is why it’s so important to have a team that knows what they are doing and able to deliver to a high standard 

2. Are you better buying from a developer with their own building / construction team and if so why?  

Buying and building in Indonesia requires a lot of knowledge and good developers should have this knowledge. To gain this required knowledge can take many years of experience, so choosing a developer with a proven track record eliminates the risks.

3. How can you be sure on the developer delivering on the so-called build quality? 

Look for a developer with a good record and proven completions. I recommend you choose a developer who uses expat construction designers and site supervisors. Also one with a track record and where you can see their product.

4. When a buyer has been provided with outline costs are there any costs that are not included in the build and delivery of the villa that you should look out for? 

The answer depends on the developer you choose. Always ask lots of questions, you can never ask too many questions. I can’t stress this enough, choose a developer who can demonstrate their proven concepts and meeting budget/contract costs.

5. Can a buyer choose their finishes on a precrafted villa vs a stand-alone built villa? How easy is it for them to make changes on both?  

Precrafted villas by their nature have fewer choices in finishing. Finishes, fixtures and fittings will have been chosen to fit a quality/cost point so the result should be very good value. A bespoke build gives almost unlimited choice, though there will be some restrictions if you build inside a resort to accommodate operational requirements.

6. Does the buyer get to see the full build contract before they sign and what key things should this contract include?  

A build contract is very important as it entitles you, under the law, to receive what you pay for. The contract should be written in both English and Indonesian. Construction Contracts in Indonesia are typically simple but nevertheless important. It’s most important to check that the parties to the contract are described correctly and that a tax stamp is affixed.

7. What’s the differences between buying a traditional build Villa to a Selo Precrafted Villa and what are the benefits? 

A bespoke design gives more choice for every aspect, takes considerably longer and costs much more than a precrafted villa. Precrafted villas are quicker to build, easier and cheaper to maintain and provide exceptional value.

8. When you provide a build schedule do you find you normally deliver this on time and have there ever been any issues why you’d be delayed on delivery? 

Selo has a good track record on build schedule. Progress delays are usually associated with design changes or payment delays. An owner needs to spend time settling the design at the earliest possible stage to avoid progress delay. Remember that delay equals cost blowout.

9. What’s the process if the buyers find a fault with their new villa and how will it be rectified? 

The answer depends on the developer/contractor chosen. Many people have unfortunate experiences. At Selo we have a very small number of problems that are always rectified during the pre-handover inspection period.

10. In your experience what information should a buyer be given up front to have the comfort that Selo Group or any other developer will deliver on what they set out to deliver on?  

In my experience Selo value their exceptional reputation, and therefore work very hard to ensure the best result for their buyers. We have a legal team to oversee the ownership/purchase/construction process, carefully chooses the contractors and subcontractors, provide a highly experienced expat team to manage construction and boast a respected brand to operate their resorts. No one does it better in Indonesia. Remember, quality = longevity. 

If there is a question we haven’t covered here, reach out to our construction team, they will be more than happy to discuss any other questions you may have. Thanks for your time Rob! 

– ends –

For more information, or interview/photo requests, please contact:

Michelle Adams
Head of Marketing
Selo Group
Phone: +61 0424 186 756

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