Why an eco-centric investment is a stable one

Many people seem to believe that when it comes to investments, in order to do something good – this time for the environment – you have to make a sacrifice. But this ideology is false; the reality is that today, in a time when environmental awareness is as high as it’s ever been, more and more companies are shifting their perspectives from purely financial benefits to a combination of financial and environmental benefits, and they’re proving you can have it all. 

From the obvious (environmental and ethical) to the more abstract (growth and financial sustainability), the terms ‘environmentally conscious’ and ‘financially beneficial’ are not mutually exclusive; they’re incredibly compatible. Combining these two guiding principles is keenly followed by the teams here at Selo, so we wanted to tell you a little more about it. 


So what is ‘sustainable’ investing? 

Also known as SRI for short, the idea of socially responsible investing is all about being conscious of where your money is going and how it’s being used in the broader context, and with this knowledge being strategic about how you invest it. 

Moving on just from the obvious such as health, ethics of businesses and the negative environmental impact in terms of waste and emissions, SRI encompasses the idea of “impact investing.” This term, which sure can be used as a buzzword, “involves the search of social and environmental outcomes alongside financial returns” (Berkley), meaning it’s not just about not doing ‘bad’ but investing in a company that’s actually doing good.’  


Selo’s sustainability philosophies

As a company, Selo is in the business of producing profits and benefits for our clients and actively doing ‘good’ within the context of which we work. Sustainability has long been a pillar of our business, from the way we engage with the local community to the materials and methods we use both in building our homes and running the business behind the scenes. 

There are four key areas that we pride ourselves on, and we believe make the company different. They are; our dedication to zero waste, sustainability, community and our team. We actively promote the elimination of single-use plastics and additional landfill products. All of the waste we collect from our building sites and during beach cleans is recycled at our zero-waste  facility. Looking at sustainability, we actively encourage buyers to consider pre-fabricated model housing because it is easier on the environment, faster to build and produces far less waste than traditional methods. 

Community and social sustainability are also integral parts of the Selo philosophy; we work closely with local builders and the local community to ensure our impact benefits the community, either through work, tourism and the economy. We proudly provide employment to 200 members of the Selo group. 


Making money as a Selo investor

Sure, all this information is good, but honestly, if you’re looking to invest, you’re looking to make money; that’s the long and short of it. One of the most exciting aspects of recent research into the world of sustainable and environmentally conscious investment is that the benefits are financially sound. Our off-site construction means you save the overhead costs that come with on-site building and can reinvest them into other aspects of your Selo home.

Financial, environmental, and social investments that consider all elements that make that investment viable are key areas to consider next time you part with your money because an SRI is beneficial both for your bank account and for the world in which you live. The quality of our work, and the team behind it mean that what you pay for upfront goes further than looking for bargain deals that won’t hold up in the coming years.

We’re also in the process of developing an ecological tourism project in Lombok known as the Lombok EcoPark. The project will teach tourists about cultural practices and sustainability through attractions like bike trails, forest tours, cooking classes and more. With a growth in passion for sustainable tourism, these initiatives we predict will increase the value of Lombok as a long-term, popular tourist destination, thus increasing the value of your home. A smart investment decision made early on is money earned down the track.

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